Tanja Häring

Tanja Häring | (Agency)

+49 177 2437788 | +49 173 3084534 (Agency)

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Tanja Häring studied cinematography at the collage of Art in Dortmund and at the renowned Filmakademie in B-W. Her work is honored with several awards, including the german camera award. Her strength as a cinematographer is the capability to create strong atmosphere with versatile character in lighting and she has a creative and open-minded approach to camerawork. Tanja continues to work successfully across genres utilizing her unique and modern style. Her deep personal interest in photographing people and telling their stories remains a constant theme throughout. Therefore she travels the world several times. Great girl from Berlin.


German | English

Selected Credits

Basler | Commercial | D: Tanja Häring | P: Markenfilm | Germany | 2017

Feel Austria | Commercial | D: Johannes Grebert | P: West4Media | Austria | 2016

ID Magazin | Commercial | D: ANIED | P: Mutter & Vater | Italia | 2016

Zatocen | Short Film | D: Marko Valic | P: Marko Valic | Croatia | 2014

Nick Night | Commercial | D: Benjamin Brettschneider | P: Markenfilm Crossing | Germany | 2014

The island | Documentary | D: Tamara Milosevic | P: WDR | Germany| 2013

Buy me! | Documentary | D: Catalina Florez | P: Filmakademie, SWR | Netherland | 2010











Leena Koppe

Leena Koppe AAC | (Agency)

+49 699 10969623 | +43 676 920 38 43 (Agency)

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Leena Koppe was born in Vienna and studied cinematography at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. During her studies she already worked as camera assistant and lighting technician for commercials, TV productions and feature films. One of her student works was invited to Cannes in 2002 and won the Best Photography Award in Tarragona. Since her graduation Koppe has shot five feature films, several documentaries, TV movies, a few commercials and projects with visual artists and dancers. She was nominated three times for the Austrian Film Award, and twice for the Romy Award which she won in 2015. She also won the Best Picture Award in 2011 as the first female Director of Photography and the Kodak Analog-Filmaward in 2019.


German | Finnish | English | French (basic)

Special Skills

Diving | Film analog 35mm and 16mm | Greenscreen | Remotehead

Selected Credits

The ground beneath our feet | Feature Film | D: Marie Kreutzer | P: Novotny&Novotny | Austria | 2017

We used to be cool | Feature Film | D: Marie Kreutzer | P: Novotny&Novotny | Austria | 2015 

Golden Genes | Feature Documentary | D: Ursula Hansbauer, Wolfgang Konrad, Clemans Stachel | P: LUCFilm | Austria | 2014-2016

Josef My fathers criminal record | Short Documentary | D: Antoinette Zwirchmayr | P: Antoinette Zwirchmayr | Austria | 2015

Gruber is leaving | Feature Film | D: Marie Kreutzer | P: Allegro Film| Austria | 2014

Naoshima - Dream on the tongue | Feature Documentary | D: Claire Laborey | P: Films de Force Majeure | France | 2013

The Fatherless | Feature Film | D: Marie Kreutzer | P: Novotny&Novotny | Austria | 2010      



Kirsten Weingarten

Kirsten Weingarten

+49 177 8765410


Since having finished her studies of cinematography at the University of Film “Konrad Wolf” Kirsten Weingarten works as Director of Photography for documentaries, fiction film, art film productions, image films and music videos.
Working experience abroad in several Countries including Lithuania, Turkey, Poland, Ukraine, Ivory Coast and Jerusalem. She is based in Berlin.


German | English (fluent) | French (basic)

Selected Credits

Sad Songs of Happiness | Documentary | D: Constanze Knoche| P: Neufilm Produktion Berlin | Germany | 2014

The Visitors | Feature Film | D: Constanze Knoche | P: Silvia Loinjak Filmproduktion | Germany | 2012

Transition | Documentary | D: Rita Bakacs | P: Filmblick Hannover | Germany | 2012

White Box | Documentary | D: Susanne Kim | P: Neufilm Produktion Leipzig | Germany | 2010     



Jennifer Günther

Jennifer Günther

+49 179 1309072

Website          crew united

Jennifer Günther has worked as a cinematographer since she graduated from filmschool in 2006. Her focus is feature films and documentaries, but also music videos and corporate films. She started shooting fictional shorts on 16mm, continuing with documentaries, two feature films and a TV series. In 2014 she shot the prime time feature film "Aus der Kurve" (dir: Stanislaw Mucha) for German Television ARD as a DoP, followed by the documentaries "Geld Macht Kunst" (dir: Martina Müller), "Lucica and her children" (dir: Bettina Braun) and the german austrian coproduction "All for the countryside" (dir: Gesa Hollerbach).
Jennifer has worked throughout Europe, as well as in Kenia, Cuba, China.



German (native) | English (fluent) | French (fluent) | Spanish (basic)

Special Skills

analog film

Selected Credits

All for the countryside | Feature Documentary | D: Gesa Hollerbach | P: Corso Film, Amour Fou | Germany, Austria | 2017-2019

Lucica and her children | Feature Documentary | D: Bettina Braun | P: B'Braun Produktion, 3sat, ZDF | Germany | 2016-2018

Geld Macht Kunst  | Documentary | D: Martina Müller | P: Martina Müller, WDR, ARTE | Germany | 2015-2016

Aus der Kurve | TV movie | D: Stanislaw Mucha | P: HR | Germany | 2014-2015

VeggieTales Fitnesshof  | TV series| D: Zeljka Morawek | P: Lifehouse Film | Germany | 2008

La vida esta en otro lugar | Documentary | D: Elke Lehrenkraus, Kirstin Schmitt | P: EICTV Cuba, Filmakademie BW, KHM | Cuba | 2008

Epiphania | Feature Film | D: Michael Kuhlmann | P: Elchpictures | Germany | 2005


Christina Karliczek Skoglund

Christina Karliczek Skoglund

+49 179 5047640


Underwater and wildife filming are Christina's ultimate specialisations and passion. She is an international award-winning cinematographer and camera operator and was in 2017 Emmy nominated for Outstanding Cinematography News/Documentary.
Christina has over fifteen years of experience in a wide range of film production types in TV, cinema and advertising. Her education has its roots at German public broadcast channel DW-TV in Berlin.


English (full professional proficiency) | French (basic professional) | Swedish (basic professional) | Dutch & German (native bilingual)

Special Skills

Underwater camera specialist with own 4K kit, 4K underwater ROV | High speed filming | Wildlife filming specialist | Various dive licenses (e.g. ice, rebreather, cave) | Remote location survival trained | Sailing and boat driving

Selected Credits

Wild Baltic | TV series | Underwater DoP | D: C. Hauschild | P: NDR, ARTE, RBB, Coraxfilm GmbH | Sweden, Germany | 2016

New Zealand Earth's Mythical Islands | TV series | D: M.Flowers, R.Morgenstern | P: BBC, NDR, NatGeo, Terra mater, Arte, Atara Film | UK, Germany | 2014-15

Congo River | Documentary-TV series | D: T.Behrend, H.Grebe | P: BBC, NDR, NatGeo, Terra mater, Arte, Atara | Germany, USA | 2011-2013

The Dark, Nature's Nighttime Worlds | TV series | D: J.Keeling, S.Gruebl | P: BBC NHU, Terra mater | UK, Austria | 2012

Lost Land of the Tiger | TV series | D: J.Keeling | P: BBC NHU, NDR | UK, Germany | 2010

I Will Not Lose | Feature Documentary | Underwater DoP | D: S.Kaudelka | P: Lichtblick Media, ZDF, Farbfilm | Germany | 2011

This Ain't California | Feature film | Underwater DoP | D: M.Persiel | P: Wildfremd Productions, Farbfilm | Germany | 2011


Britta Mangold

Britta Mangold | (Agency)

+49 172 8983940 | +49 89 360 370 38 (Agency)


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Britta Mangold was born in Lübeck and spent her childhood in Ethiopia, Zuoz/Engadin, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Heidelberg and Bonn. Already at a young age she recognized her passion for cinema and theatre. She began her career in the art department of theater and feature film, working with well-known artists such as Eduardo Paolozzi, Jerome Savary, Otto Schenk and Percy Adlon. Eventually, she joined ARRI Camera Rental for a one year internship - as the first woman ever. She then worked worldwide for national and international cinematographer as focus puller (1st AC). From 1994 she worked as a cinematographer for Hollywood, among others, in Roland Emmerich's team on the miniature units of the films 13th Floor, The Patriot and 10 000 B.C. She has also worked on hundreds of commercials for many major brands. In addition to working as a DoP for commercials, feature films and documentaries, Britta also works as a directing DoP for commercials. She lives with her husband and daughter in Munich.


German (native) | English (fluent) | French (basic)

Special Skills

Gimbal | Drohne | VFX | film analog 35mm, 16mm | Blue - Greenscreen | Miniatures | High Speed | Skiing

Selected Credits

Thabo - the rhino adventure I Feature Film I D: Mara Eibl-Eibesfeldt I P: Desert Flower I Germany | 2023

Ronny Flink | Teaser TV Series | D: Roman Prochnow | P: Neverest | Germany | 2019

Woodstock in Timbouktou | Feature documentary | D: Desiree von Trotha | P: Cindigo | Germany | 2013

Charlie & Carl | Short fiction | R: Ingo Zeidler | D: Cinenic Filmproduktion | Germany | 2011

10 000 b.c. | Feature film | Miniature Unit | D: Roland Emmerich | P: Centropolis Entertainment | USA | 2008

Andreas Hofer 1809 | Tv Movie | B-Kamera, Second Unit | D: Xaver Schwarzenberger | P: Satel Film
 | Austria | 2002

The Patriot | Feature film | Miniature Unit | D: Roland Emmerich | P: Centropolis Entertainment | USA | 2000

The 13th floor | Feature film | Miniature Unit | D: Josef Rusnak | P: Centropolis Entertainment | USA, Germany | 1999




Luise Schröder

Luise Schröder

+49 179 9869008

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Luise is a Michael-Ballhaus-Award winning cinematographer for national and international documentary films, reportage, art and music videos, based in Berlin. She graduated from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Dortmund. Her documentary film VALENTINA, premiered at the 66th Berlinale, marking the beginning of her career. Over the years, Luise has shot cinema and TV-documentaries worldwide in Asia, Africa, South America and Europe. Her films have been showcased and have won numerous awards at various national and international film festivals. One of Luise’s talents is her ability to find compelling visuals in the most extraordinary situations. It doesn't matter whether she is shooting in a maternity hospital in South Sudan, a Japanese traffic intersection or in a border police boat in Spain at night. Her doc-style visuals are imbued with a fictional feel, emotional depth, a high regard for every subject and always a precise feeling for the right moment.
Luise is a member of the German Film Academy and the founder of the Berlin Film Collective Mareschka.


German (native speaker) | English (good)


Special Skills

Analog Film | Gimbal | Drone

Selected Credits

Einzeltäter - Teil 1 München | Teil 2 Halle /Teil 3 Hanau|feature documentary I D: Julian Vogel I P: Corso film production company, ZDF Das kleine Fernsehspiel I Germany I 2018 - 2023

The rwandan student I feature documentary, interactiv I D: Anja Reiß, Jann Anderegg I P: Dshoint Ventschr film production company I Switzerland, Rwanda I 2022

AB 18! - Luvre´s release I TV documentary I D: Simone Catharina Gaul I P: Corso film production, 3Sat I Germany I 2022

ZDF 37° - Aid in Crisis Zones I TV documentary I D: Daniel Sager I P: ZDF 37°, Daniel Sager I Sudan, Germany I 2022

ZDF INFO - Cocaine for Germany I TV documentary I D: Daniel Sager I P: ZDF info, 99pro film production company I Spain, Netherlands, Germany I 2021

The story won´t die I feature documentary I D: David Henry Gerson I P: Odessa Rae, Phoenix Films L.A I USA, Germany I 2019

Valentina | feature documentary | D: Maximilian Feldmann | P: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg | Germany, Macedonia | 2013-2016




Darja Pilz

Darja Pilz

+49 17663031950

Website            REEL          Crew United

Born and Russia, based in Germany Darja Pilz has shot award winning films like the tragic-comedy IN THE NICK OF TIME, that was screened at more than 100 festivals worldwide. The short BURDEN’S WEIGHT won the Studio Hamburg Prize and was nominated for Best Cinematography at the International Women’s Film Festival Cologne. With EURE KINDER it is her fifth time being premiered at the renowned Max Ophüls Prize Film festival. She holds a Master of Arts in Cinematography from the Hamburg Media School. “I like to search and discover; to reveal the thoughts and emotions hidden within a scene. With this purpose I love to use a camera’s movement with handheld and all other possibilities.“


English | German | Russian

Special Skills

Under water camera

Selected Credits

Eure Kinder | Feature | D: Aron Krause | P: Interzone Pictures, Clipper Filmproduktion | Germany | 2018

Über Nacht | Feature | D: Kirsten Brandt, Jil Lange | P: HfBK Hamburg | Germany | 2018

The Printer | Short Film| D: Emre Mirza | P: After Thought Media UK | UK | 2018

Remote Control | Commercial | D: Catalina Florez| P: Soilfilms | Germany | 2017

Jupiter Jones - 70 Siegel | Music video | D: Kay Otto | P: Clipper Film | Germany | 2016

Burden's Weight | Short Film | D: Viviane Andereggen | P: Hamburg Media School | Germany | 2015

Old School | Short Film | BW 35mm | D: Ilker Çatak | P: Hamburg Media School | Germany | 2014     



Carla Muresan

Carla Muresan BVK

+49 163 573 33 50           

Website           CREW UNITED           BVK


I was born in Romania, based in Berlin and Munich, graduated from HFF Munich in 2017. I am a cinematographer and filmmaker, fiction-documentary-crossover-projects specialist, a highly creative visual artist and empathic human being who loves communication and creative exchange. I have a unique ability to go with the flow and incorporate the existing and changing circumstances. I am extremely passionate about the process in which ideas transform into visualization and I love working in an intimate, focused and creative relationship with my directors. I work both in fiction and documentary.
I am engaged with projects that aim to bring awareness to various topics of our modern, contemporary society and I Iove to work on projects that aim to bring awareness to women ́s rights issues around the globe.


German (native) | English (fluent) | Norwegian (fluent) | Romanian (fluent) | French (basic)

Special Skills

16mm | 35mm | Drone

Selected Credits

Rosita’s Skin | Feature | D: Michael Schäfer | P: Michael Schäfer Filmproduction | Germany | 2022

No heaven on Earth (WT) | Cinema Documentary |D: Daria Kuschev | P: Michael Kalb Filmproduction, HFF Munich | Germany | 2022

Colombia’s indigenous Trans Women | GEO Reportage |D: Carmen Butta | P: Medienkontor GmbH | Germany | 2022

Voices from the Fire | Cinema Documentary | D: Helen Simon | P: Filmallee | Germany | 2018-2021

A Tin Bird's Song | Feature Film | D: Konstantin von Sichart | P: Meku Film | Germany | 2018

Monika Hauser | Cinema Documentary | D: Evi Oberkofler, Edith Eisenstecken | P: Thali Media | Germany | 2016

No Lullaby | Cinema Documentary | D: Helen Simon | P: Filmallee, University for Television and Film Munich | Germany | 2011  


Antje Heidemann


+49 1631369825


Website          CREW UNITED          REEL

After a career in natural sciences Antje Heideman decided to follow her passion for photography and traveling and embark on a career in film. In her camera work she strives to present an empathetic portrayal of her subjects, providing moving glimpses into other worlds, people and their stories. She loves both the exact dramaturgical planning and lighting required for feature films, and the spontaneity and resourcefulness required to film in documentary settings. She finished studying camera work at the Kelle Filmacademy Berlin in 2011 and continues to live there now. After her studies she completed a camera internship, AC and lighting technician jobs, short films and in 2017 a feature film.


German | English (fluent) | French (basic)


Special Skills

analogue film 16 mm | gearhead operation | SSI Open Water Diving License | horseback riding


Selected Credits

Once they were stars | Mockumentary | 80 min | D: Malte Wirtz | P: Unfiltered Artists | Germany | 2018

Hard & Ugly - A Love Story | Feature | 71 min | D: Malte Wirtz | P: Unfiltered Artists | Germany | 2017

Capt'n Rummelsnuff - The majority's taste tends towards "mild" | Documentary | D: Kai Bagsik | P: Kattegat Productions | Germany | 2014

Magdalena's File | Short film | D: Konrad Bach | P: Oliver Theurich Productions | Germany | 2014

Tatanja's First Love | Short film | D: Tatiana Timkova | P: KinoBerlino, Apeiron Films | Germany | 2013

Burial at Sea | Short film | D: Dominik Balkow | P: Balkow Productions | Germany | 2011

"Stadtverführung" | Short film | D: Jörg Behnke| P: Filmacademy Kelle Productions | Germany | 2011

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