CINEMATOGRAPHINNEN - WOMEN* CINEMATOGRAPHERS NETWORK is a group of women* Directors of Photography working internationally across all genres: narrative, documentary, commercials as well as music videos. We are based in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and have a minimum of five years professional industry experience, many of us considerably more.

CINEMATOGRAPHINNEN RISING highlights upcoming cinematographers at the beginning of their careers.

This website showcases our work and serves as a resource to find the right DoP for your project. It intends to inspire and encourage the next generation of female cinematographers.

We are committed to making the film industry more inclusive, diverse and gender-equal, and welcome cinematographers who identify as women to join us.

Please email general questions to or contact the DoPs directly for individual enquiries.

*People who identify as women, intersex, non-binary, trans and agender.

board members 


Lotta Kilian

Sarina Laudam

Anne Lindemann 

Sabine Panossian 

Jana Pape 

Fee Strothmann

Marie Zahir

Stand-in board members


Eva Katharina Bühler

Jule Katinka Cramer

Julia Daschner

Birgit Gudjonsdottir

Miriam Kolesnyk

Anne Misselwitz

Dixie Schmiedle