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Female audiovisual professionals in European TV fiction production (European Audivisual Observatory - 2021)

Report on the presence of female directors, dop's, producers, screenwriters, composers among six audiovisual professional categories in TV fiction in Europe (2015-2019)

Gender Equality Policy in the Arts, Culture and Media (BKM)
A European comparison

Gender and Film, Gender and TV (FFA)
Parameters and Causes of the Gender Distribution of Film and Television Professionals in Key Positions in Germany

4. Diversitätsbericht des Bundesverband Regie
Gender-Analyse zur Regievergabepraxis in deutschen fiktionalen Primetime-Programmen von ARD, ZDF, RTL, SAT.1 und VOX sowie im deutschen Kinospielfilm

Audiovisual Diversity? (MaLisa Foundation)
Gender Representation in Film and TV in Germany

Where are the women directors in European films? (European Women’s Audiovisual Network EWA)
Gender equality report on female directors (2006–2013) with best practice and policy recommendations

The Celluloid Ceiling (Martha M. Lauzen, Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film, San Diego State University)
Behind-the-Scenes Employment of Women on the Top 100, 250, and 500 Films of 2016 

Die Situation der Film- und Fernsehschaffenden 2015 (Jörg Langer)
Studie zur sozialen Lage, Berufszufriedenheit und den Perspektiven der Beschäftigten in der Film- und Fernsehproduktionswirtschaft Deutschlands 2015