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After a career in natural sciences Antje Heideman decided to follow her passion for photography and traveling and embark on a career in film. In her camera work she strives to present an empathetic portrayal of her subjects, providing moving glimpses into other worlds, people and their stories. She loves both the exact dramaturgical planning and lighting required for feature films, and the spontaneity and resourcefulness required to film in documentary settings. She finished studying camera work at the Kelle Filmacademy Berlin in 2011 and continues to live there now. After her studies she completed a camera internship, AC and lighting technician jobs, short films and in 2017 a feature film.


German | English (fluent) | French (basic)


Special Skills

analogue film 16 mm | gearhead operation | SSI Open Water Diving License | horseback riding


Selected Credits

Once they were stars | Mockumentary | 80 min | D: Malte Wirtz | P: Unfiltered Artists | Germany | 2018

Hard & Ugly - A Love Story | Feature | 71 min | D: Malte Wirtz | P: Unfiltered Artists | Germany | 2017

Capt'n Rummelsnuff - The majority's taste tends towards "mild" | Documentary | D: Kai Bagsik | P: Kattegat Productions | Germany | 2014

Magdalena's File | Short film | D: Konrad Bach | P: Oliver Theurich Productions | Germany | 2014

Tatanja's First Love | Short film | D: Tatiana Timkova | P: KinoBerlino, Apeiron Films | Germany | 2013

Burial at Sea | Short film | D: Dominik Balkow | P: Balkow Productions | Germany | 2011

"Stadtverführung" | Short film | D: Jörg Behnke| P: Filmacademy Kelle Productions | Germany | 2011

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