Leena Koppe AAC

leenakoppe@hotmail.com | sandra@s-schuppach.com (Agency)

+49 699 10969623 | +43 676 920 38 43 (Agency)

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Leena Koppe was born in Vienna and studied cinematography at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. During her studies she already worked as camera assistant and lighting technician for commercials, TV productions and feature films. One of her student works was invited to Cannes in 2002 and won the Best Photography Award in Tarragona. Since her graduation Koppe has shot five feature films, several documentaries, TV movies, a few commercials and projects with visual artists and dancers. She was nominated three times for the Austrian Film Award, and twice for the Romy Award which she won in 2015. She also won the Best Picture Award in 2011 as the first female Director of Photography and the Kodak Analog-Filmaward in 2019.


German | Finnish | English | French (basic)

Special Skills

Diving | Film analog 35mm and 16mm | Greenscreen | Remotehead

Selected Credits

The ground beneath our feet | Feature Film | D: Marie Kreutzer | P: Novotny&Novotny | Austria | 2017

We used to be cool | Feature Film | D: Marie Kreutzer | P: Novotny&Novotny | Austria | 2015 

Golden Genes | Feature Documentary | D: Ursula Hansbauer, Wolfgang Konrad, Clemans Stachel | P: LUCFilm | Austria | 2014-2016

Josef My fathers criminal record | Short Documentary | D: Antoinette Zwirchmayr | P: Antoinette Zwirchmayr | Austria | 2015

Gruber is leaving | Feature Film | D: Marie Kreutzer | P: Allegro Film| Austria | 2014

Naoshima - Dream on the tongue | Feature Documentary | D: Claire Laborey | P: Films de Force Majeure | France | 2013

The Fatherless | Feature Film | D: Marie Kreutzer | P: Novotny&Novotny | Austria | 2010      


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