Lisa Bühl



+49 1637298045



Lisa was born 1990 in Hagen, Germany and works as a cinematographer, camera assistant and director with a passion for documentary film. She studied cinematography and documentary filmmaking at the FH Dortmund, EICTV Cuba, UNAL Bogotá and completed her postgraduate studies at the KHM Cologne in 2023. Lisa realized two state funded, long documentaries, as well as various short films, which were shown at the HOF International Filmfestival, KFFK Cologne and the Lower East Side Film Festival NYC, among others. Since 2018 she has gained experience as a camera assistant on sets for cinema and TV productions e.g. for Netflix, Warner Bros, UFA and Augenschein. Lisa has shooting experience in Colombia, Cuba, USA, Spain, Italy and Austria. She currently lives in Cologne and is available for projects worldwide.


German (native) | English (fluent) | Spanish (fluent) | Italian (basic) 


Special Skills

Super 8 | Gimbal

Selected Credits

El Sueño | Documentary | D: Lisa Bühl, Sandra Carolina Jiménez | P: KHM | Germany | 2024

El Tiempo Perdido| Experimental | D: Laura Sanz, Lisa Bühl | P: KHM | Germany, Spain | 2022

Die Wände - Müssen nur sollen | Music Video | D: Lisa Bühl | P: Glitterhouse Records | Germany | 2021

Go West |Documentary | D: Florian Schmitz, Lisa Bühl | P: KHM | Germany | 2021

HORST | Documentary | additional camera | D: Lisa Bühl | P: FH Dortmund, Lisa Bühl | Germany | 2018

Todavía | Short | D: Glorimar Marrero | P: EICTV | Cuba | 2016


Rita Hajjar

Rita Hajjar


+49 157 83458777


Website          CREW UNITED          INSTAGRAM

Rita is a Lebanese cinematographer with a passion for both documentaries and feature films. In 2015, she moved to Germany to study cinematography at the University of Television and Film Munich. In 2023, she completed her studies with a diploma.
Her debut feature film "Gott ist ein Käfer" premiered at the Munich Film Festival. Her numerous other short films have screened internationally. She has worked on projects in Portugal, Egypt, and Canada, and is currently working in Germany and Lebanon.


Arabic (native) | French (native) | German (fluent) | English (fluent)  | Spanish (basic)


Special Skills

Color Grading

Selected Credits

Eine Person Ex | short film | D: Alexander Löwen | P: Schmidbauerfilm | Germany | 2023

Outside Center| short documentary | D: Eli Jean Tahchi |P: INIS Montreal & HFF Munich | Germany, Canada | 2023

The Spell | short film | D: Diego Oliva Tejeda |P: HFF Munich | Germany | 2023

State of Anxiety | short documentary | D: Quynh Le Nguyen |P: HFF Munich | Germany | 2022

God is a beetle | feature film | D: Felix Herrmann | P: Iana Films & HFF Munich | Germany |2022

Mazzarello | short documentary | D: Carmen Rachiteanu | P: INIS Montreal & HFF Munich | Germany, Canada | 2020

Have Mercy on Us |middle-length film | D: Alexander Löwen | P: HFF Munich | Germany | 2020



Bettina Borgfeld

Bettina Borgfeld


+49 171 3809086


WEBSEITE         crEw united

Bettina Borgfeld works as cinematographer for feature-length documentaries, features, art installations and dance-choreographies. She has filmed in some of world's extreme regions, in the ice of the High Arctic and the North Pole, in deserts like the Sahara and in Madagaskar, and in regions of crisis, like Afghanistan, Iraq and the Gaza strip. Bettina Borgfeld also directs.
Her films were screened at international film festivals, in cinemas and at exhibitions and received numerous awards.


German (native) | English (fluent) | French (intermediate)


Special Skills

Time- & Hyperlapse | Gimbal | Drone


Selected Credits

Cell 5, A Reconstruction | Feature Documentary & Installation | D.: Mario Pfeifer | blackboard films | Germany | 2022

Expedition Arctic - Swiss Scientists at the Northpole | feature documentary | D.: Simon Sacha, Philipp Grieß | P.: Ufa show&factual, SRF | Germany, Switzerland | 2021

Arctic Drift: A Year In The Ice | Feature Documentary | D.: Philipp Griess, Ashley Morris | P. Ufa show & factual & Freemantle | Germany, UK | 2021

The Price of Paradise | Feature Documentary | D. : Bettin a Borgfel d | P. : Fil mtank, WD R | Germany | 2018

Creature | Feature Documentary | D. Bettina Borgfeld & Jochen Sandig | P.: Sasha Waltz & Guests | Germany | 2018

Shooting under Fire | Feature Documentary | D.: Sasha Mirzoeff, Bettina Borgfeld | P.: Context TV | Germany | 2005


Janne Ebel

Janne Ebel


+49 1702170597



Janne Ebel was born 1992 in Aachen, Germany. She studied film at the New School in New York and graduated with a Master in 2018. Besides Germany she has experience shooting abroad in the US ( San Francisco, New York), Togo, Benin, Lebanon, Italy and Poland. Her films have screened at numerous international and national film festivals, such as the Brooklyn`s Women Festival, New York Short Film Festival, MOMA and Hofer Filmtagen. Janne lives in Berlin and works as a director of photography for national and international documentaries, fiction films, music videos and commercials.


German (native) | English (fluent) | Spanish (basic)


Special Skills

Gimbal | Analog Film

Selected Credits

F*ck Berlin | Documentary TV Series | D: Marie Villetellle | P: ARD, Berlin Producers | Germany | 2023

Tabula Rasa | Short Film | D: Emma Bading | P: MALIMA Productions | Germany | 2022

Decolonized Glamour Talks | TV Show | D: Lara Milagro | P: Missy Magazine| Germany | 2022

Thereafter | Medium Length Feature | D: Przemek Kaminski | P: Kampnagel Hamburg| Germany | 2021

Unerhört | Short Film | D: Emma Bading | P: Caro Lenhart | Germany | 2020

Small Deaths | Short Film | D: Celina Arslanian | P: The New School | USA | 2019

Cancer Journals Revisited | Feature | Camera Operator| D: Lana Lin | P: The New School | USA | 2018


Lisabi Fridell

Lisabi FridelL 

lisabifridell@gmail.com         lollo@magnoliaagency.se

+49 1742720690                     +46 705442045 (agency)



Lisabi Fridell is a cinematographer based in Berlin who works all over the world. During her professional career she has been acknowledged for her photography in both feature films and documentaries. Her work is rather unconventional, and if anything defines her style it is versatility, always based on telling the story in a unique fashion. She is not afraid to explore and experiment with different techniques, colours and shapes with the intention of innovating and, if possible, enhancing the story. She prefers to work closely with the directors and to influence the whole process from an early stage. The films she has worked on are characterised by their transgressive spirit and by their defence of feminist values.


Swedish | English (fluent) | German (intermediate) 


Special Skills

35mm, 16mm Analog Film | Color Grading

Selected Credits

Maya Nilo (Laura) | feature film | D: Lovisa Siren | P: Sic film | Sweden, Belgium, Portugal | 2022

Young Royals S2 | Netflix Serie | D: Kristina Humle | P: Nexiko | Sweden  | 2022 

HUSS | tv movie 2 x 90 min | D: Annika Appelin | P: Yellow bird | Sweden | 2020

And Then We Danced | feature film | D: Levan Akin | P: french quarter film | Georgia | 2019 

Stupid young heart | feature film | D: Selma Vilhunen | P: tuffifilms | Finland | 2017 

6A | feature film | D: Peter Modestij | P: Sic film | Sweden | 2016

Something must brake | feature film | D: Ester Martin Bergsmark | P: Garagefilm AB | Sweden | 2014 




Claudia Schröder

Claudia Schröder

claudiaschroeder@hotmail.de         berlin@no.agency     

+49 163 2565434                               +49 30 33937760 (agency)


WEBSITE         AGENcy          CREW UNITED

Claudia Schröder was born in East Berlin in 1987. She studied cinematography at the German Film and Television Academy (dffb) and the California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles. During her studies, she worked as a freelance gaffer for feature films and commercials. Experienced in analog and digital formats, Claudia has shot in Poland, Hungary, Iceland, Switzerland, Italy, and the USA. Her films have screened at numerous international and national film festivals, the feature film „On Mothers and Daughters“ celebrated its world premiere at the 73rd Berlinale. 2023 also saw the release of the Paramount + series "A thin line", for which Claudia was responsible for 61 shooting days and over 40 preparation days as 2nd Unit DOP.


German (native) | English (fluent) | French (basic)


Special Skills

16mm | 35mm

Selected Credits

A thin Line | 2nd Unit DOP | mini series 6x45 min | D: Sabrina Sarabi, Damian John Harper | P: Weydemann Bros Serial Drama GmbH (de), VIS - Viacom International Studios (us) | Germany, USA | 2023

On mothers and daughters | feature film | D: Tanja Egen | P: ZDF Kleines Fernsehspiel, dffb | Germany | 2023

Lancôme Idôle Campaign | commercial | D: Lina Tesch, David Osterkorn | P: David Osterkorn | Germany | 2021

Trash can Tango | short film | D: Senem Göcmen | P: SWR, Arte | Germany | 2021

Isey Skyr Japan | commercial | D: Süheyla Schwenk | P: Sabi Studios | Island | 2020

Armed Angels - Detox Denim | commercial | D: Maren Langer | P: Goal Girls | Germany | 2019

Another world | social spot | D: Florinda Frisardi | P: Ministery of Foreign Affairs, Zeit | Germany | 2018



Sarina Laudam

Sarina Laudam


+49 22125953523


Website         instagram          SHOWREEL

Born in 1993 and raised in the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region with family connections to Brazil and the USA, Sarina discovered her passion for visual storytelling through photography early on. From 2017 to 2021, Sarina studied at the ifs Cologne. Her graduation film was screened in the Medium-Length Feature Film competition at the Max Ophüls Prize. Since 2023, she has been working as a co-writer on her debut film, for which she received a screenplay grant from the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW. Sarina enjoys working in diverse teams and on innovative stories, always seeking the right narrative form for the characters. She finds inspiration in both mainstream media and in paintings, photographs, and everyday life. Sarina is a board member of Cinematographinnen and initiated Female Filmmakers CGN and Female Film Friends in 2022. She works in both fictional and documentary filmmaking. She lives in Cologne.


German (native) | English (fluent) | Portuguese (basic) | Czech (basic)


Special Skills

16mm, 35mm | color and b/w development | gimbal | color grading

Selected Credits

Aus dem Nichts | Narrative Short | R: Sabah Boumeshouli | Germany | 2024

Vollbild Recherche | TV Documentary | R: Sarah Lehnert | Labo M, SWR | Germany | 2024

Strasse der verlorenen Herzen | Narrative Short | R. Alexander Nowak | khm köln | Germany | 2023

Haus Kummerveldt | Series | B-Kamera | R: Mark Lorei | Goldstoff Filme | Germany | 2022

Nur ein Freitag | Narrative Short | R: Jacqueline May | Germany | 2021

Jackfruit | Medium Length Feature | R: Thùy Trang Nguyen | P: ifs köln | Germany | 2021

Cloudy Clouds | feature film | 2nd Unit DoP | D: Christian Schäfer | P: Rabiat Film | Germany | 2021



Francy Fabritz

Francy Fabritz


+49 176 811 256 11




Francy Fabritz was born in Dresden, grew up in Moscow and lived in San Francisco. After graduating in "Cultural Studies and Aesthetic Practice" at the University of Hildesheim, she studied cinematography at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin (DFFB). She worked at a camera rental, as a camera assistant and lighting technician for feature films and commercials.
Since 2019, Francy has been working as a freelance cinematographer/dop. She lives in Berlin and shoots mainly feature film for cinema, TV and art.


German (native) | English (fluent) | Russian (basic) 


Special Skills

analog film 35mm | 16mm

Selected Credits

Juli tanzt | TV feature, ZDF KiKA | D: Melanie Waelde | P: Studio Zentral | Germany | 2023

Uki | cinema feature | D: Shu Lea Cheang | P: Jürgen Brüning Filmproduktion | Germany | 2023

Nico | cinema feature | D: Eline Gehring | P: DFFB, Third Culture Kids | Germany | 2021

Abschiedsspiel | art feature | D: Julia Novacek, Ruby Behrmann, Evamaria Müller | P: StudioStudio | Germany | 2021-2023

Masquerades of research part II | art feature, german crew | D: Padraig Robinson | P: Padraig Robinson | Germany, Ireland | 2022

Tomorrow TV | web show, episode 1-3 | D: Gavin Youngs, Divina Kuan | P: Kuan Films, MBB | Germany | 2020-2022

Kitschige Filme | short film | D: Eline Gehring | P: DFFB | Germany | 2019



Nina Reichmann

Nina Reichmann


+49 17657858856




Born and raised in Berlin, I discovered my love for photography early on. This later grew to be a love for storytelling and filmmaking. During my cinematography studies at the German Film and Television Academy (Dffb), I experimented a lot with light and camera movements, but mostly with how the story and the images come together. How one influences the other, carries it, or deliberately sets a contrast to it to make visible what might otherwise keep unseen. I see the work between the Director and the DoP as a kind of constant interpreting, a translation of one language into another, then back again and so on - until in the end a new, common language emerges.


German (native) | English (fluent)


Special Skills

Analog Film 16mm & 35mm

Selected Credits

Feelings | Webseries | D: Clara Zoe My-Linh Von Arnim | P: Studio Zentral | Germany | 2022

Echt | Webseries | D: Clara Zoe My-Linh Von Arnim | P: Studio Zentral | Germany | 2021

Zwöflerleitn | Medium length film | D: Fentje Hanke | P: Toreslas Film | Germany | 2021

Excalibur City | Medium length film | D: Clara Zoe My-Linh Von Arnim | P: DFFB | Germany | 2019

Gegenüber | Short film| D: Ewa Wikiel | P: DFFB | Germany | 2019

Abdrift | Short film | D: Gian Suhner | P: DFFB | Germany | 2018


Greta Isabella Conte


gretaconte@yahoo.de           mail@bettiberlin.com (Agency)

+49 160 79 16 949 (Agency)


Website         AGENTUR          INSTAGRAM


Greta Isabella Conte recently graduated from the renowned Konrad Wolf Film Academy in Babelsberg with a Master of Fine Arts in Cinematography in 2024, where she was encouraged to follow her intuition and trained to create an intimate connection between the camera and her subjects. Since 2019 Greta is an active scholarship holder of - The German Academic Scholarship Foundation. In 2024, she received the award for "Best Cinematography" in the feature film category at the International Women's Film Festival Cologne/Dortmund (IFFF) for her graduation film "About Them". Her work has been nominated for "Best work shot on film", among others, and has been shown at many international film festivals.


German (native) | English (fluent)


Special Skills

16mm | 35 mm | 8mm | Mini DV

Selected Credits

About Them | Feature film | D: Moritz Krämer | P:  Jost Hering Filme/ ZDF Kleines Fernsehspiel | Germany | 2024

Muschicraft | Commercial | D: Manuela Bastian | P: Soup Filmproduktion | Germany | 2024

TELEKOM x Young | Commercial | D: Tatjana Wenig | P: TEMPOMEDIA | Germany | 2023

INTERSPORT x Women | Commercial | D: Jabu Newman | P: Offshoot Berlin | Germany | 2023

ARMEDANGELS Detox Denim - THE PERFECT PAIR | Commercial | D: Greta Isabella Conte & Hannah Schwaiger | P: THE GAABS | Germany | 2022

BEAUTIFUL - Die Schönmacher | TV Documentary Series | D: Julia Krampe | P: RTL + FilmFive | Germany | 2022

G E M - Cerulean Eyes | Music video | D: ANOTHER EXCESS | P: Annalena Kümmel & Vanessa Rinösl | Germany | 2022


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