Nina Reichmann

+49 17657858856




Born and raised in Berlin, I discovered my love for photography early on. This later grew to be a love for storytelling and filmmaking. During my cinematography studies at the German Film and Television Academy (Dffb), I experimented a lot with light and camera movements, but mostly with how the story and the images come together. How one influences the other, carries it, or deliberately sets a contrast to it to make visible what might otherwise keep unseen. I see the work between the Director and the DoP as a kind of constant interpreting, a translation of one language into another, then back again and so on - until in the end a new, common language emerges.


German (native) | English (fluent)


Special Skills

Analog Film 16mm & 35mm

Selected Credits

Feelings | Webseries | D: Clara Zoe My-Linh Von Arnim | P: Studio Zentral | Germany | 2022

Echt | Webseries | D: Clara Zoe My-Linh Von Arnim | P: Studio Zentral | Germany | 2021

Zwöflerleitn | Medium length film | D: Fentje Hanke | P: Toreslas Film | Germany | 2021

Excalibur City | Medium length film | D: Clara Zoe My-Linh Von Arnim | P: DFFB | Germany | 2019

Gegenüber | Short film| D: Ewa Wikiel | P: DFFB | Germany | 2019

Abdrift | Short film | D: Gian Suhner | P: DFFB | Germany | 2018

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