Lisabi FridelL

+49 1742720690                     +46 705442045 (agency)



Lisabi Fridell is a cinematographer based in Berlin who works all over the world. During her professional career she has been acknowledged for her photography in both feature films and documentaries. Her work is rather unconventional, and if anything defines her style it is versatility, always based on telling the story in a unique fashion. She is not afraid to explore and experiment with different techniques, colours and shapes with the intention of innovating and, if possible, enhancing the story. She prefers to work closely with the directors and to influence the whole process from an early stage. The films she has worked on are characterised by their transgressive spirit and by their defence of feminist values.


Swedish | English (fluent) | German (intermediate) 


Special Skills

35mm, 16mm Analog Film | Color Grading

Selected Credits

Maya Nilo (Laura) | feature film | D: Lovisa Siren | P: Sic film | Sweden, Belgium, Portugal | 2022

Young Royals S2 | Netflix Serie | D: Kristina Humle | P: Nexiko | Sweden  | 2022 

HUSS | tv movie 2 x 90 min | D: Annika Appelin | P: Yellow bird | Sweden | 2020

And Then We Danced | feature film | D: Levan Akin | P: french quarter film | Georgia | 2019 

Stupid young heart | feature film | D: Selma Vilhunen | P: tuffifilms | Finland | 2017 

6A | feature film | D: Peter Modestij | P: Sic film | Sweden | 2016

Something must brake | feature film | D: Ester Martin Bergsmark | P: Garagefilm AB | Sweden | 2014 



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