Theresa maué

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Theresa „Toni“ Maué, born 1985. In 2011 she started her career at the University of Television and Film Munich. Many years as 1. Assistant Camera gave her the opportunity to learn from some of the most excellent cinematographers and directors in the industry. She is always looking for new ideas to find the best possible way to convey the emotional aim of a scene. Theresa lives in Munich and works internationally as freelance cinematographer in the fictional and documentary field.


German (native) | English (fluent)


Special Skills

Underwater | Gimbal | Green Screen | Analog Film

Selected Credits

Familie Anders | TV Movie | Episodes 3-4 | D: Sebastian Stern | P: Roxyfilm | Germany | 2023

Familie Anders | TV Movie | Episodes 1-2 | D: Sophie Averkamp | P: Roxyfilm | Germany | 2022

SOKO Hamburg | TV Series | Episodes 46-48 | D: Sophie Averkamp | P: Network Movie | Germany | 2022

Freibad | Feature | B-Cam next to Hanno Lentz | D: Doris Dörrie | P: Constantin Film | Germany | 2022

Vierwändeplus | TV Series | D: Sophie Averkamp | P: Network Movie | Germany | 2022

Grrrls | short film | D: Natascha Zink | P: HFF München | Germany | 2020

Wie wir leben wollen | short film | D: Sophie Averkamp | P: NEOS Film | Germany | 2020

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