Susanne Schüle

+49 177 402 52 82

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Susanne Schüle studied at the Babelsberg Academy of Film and Television "Konrad Wolf". As a freelance camerawoman, Schüle has been responsible for numerous documentaries for theatrical release and has been recognised for her visual work at a large number of  international festivals. For "Absolut Warhola" she received the award „Best Camera Work“ at the International Documentary Film Festival in Leipzig and the Adolf Grimme award for "pictures that are as enigmatic as they are realistic, so grotesque as loving, but also pitiless. Her camera work is characterized by an unobtrusive emotional language, which supports the intention of the film."


German | English | French (basic)

Special Skills

film analog 16 mm | 35 mm

Selected Credits

Mucche sul tetto | feature documentary | D: Aldo Gugolz | P: Revolumenfilm, Co-Prod. rough cat | Switzerland | 2018-2019

Himmelverbot | feature documentary | D: Andrei Schwartz | P: TAG|TRAUM Filmproduktion | Germany | 2014

Heino Jäger – look before you kuck | feature documentary | D: Gerd Kroske | P: Realistfilm | Germany | 2011

Die Akkordeonspielerin | TV documentary | D: Biljana Garvanlieva | P: Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion | Germany | 2007

Der Boxprinz | feature documentary | D: Gerd Kroske | P: Realistfilm | Germany | 2000

Absolut Warhola | feature documentary  | D: Stanislaw Mucha | P: Strandfilm | Germany | 2000

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