Sanne Kurz

+49 178 7198471 | +49 152 24282594 

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With over 20 years experience as a DP, Sanne has shot in Africa, Israel, the US, Europe and Australia; making her years as a DP a broad and culturally varied experience. Sanne is an extremely relaxed and professional collaborator. She works confidently with all the people she meets during the film making process - entering into the true spirit of artistic partnerships. She is an excellent and enthusiastic communicator and very experienced in online-preproduction.   *** Due to being elected as a Member of Parliament in Bavaria limited availability till 2023.***


German (native) | Dutch (fluent)  English (fluent) | French (basic) | Hebrew (basic)

Selected Credits

The Shelter | Short Film | D: Ysabel Fantou | P: Kittelfilm | Germany | 2017

Doing Nothing All Day | Feature Documentary | D: Margarete Hentze | P: democraticArts | Germany | 2010

Mommy is Coming | Feature Film | D: Cheryl Dunye | P: Wurstfilm | Germany | 2011

The Band | Feature Film | D: Anna Brownfield | P: anstiftung | Australia | 2006

The Line | Feature Film | D: Michael Adante | P: megaherz | Australia | 2005

Coupe de Grace | Feature Film | D: Ed Norris | P: Ed Norris | USA | 2008 

Nicht weit von mir | Feature Film | D: Rüdiger Görlitz | P: rech media | Germany | 2009


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