Paola Calvo

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Paola Calvo is a spanish cinematographer based in Berlin. Her interests in the image as a powerful way of storytelling, brought her to study photography and film editing. 2006 Paola began studying cinematography at the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin (dffb). In 2014 she won the Best Cinematography Award at the 10th New Berlin Film Festival for "The Visitor". 2018 she was honored with the National Award for Cinematography at the IFFF for "Violently Happy". For this film, also her final project at the dffb, she was nominated for the First Steps - Michael Ballhaus Best Cinematography Award. Paola is currently working on several feature films and music videos.


Spanish (native) | English (fluent) | German (fluent)

Special Skills

35mm | 16mm | Gimbal System

Selected Credits

Violently Happy | Feature Documentary | D: Paola Calvo | P: LSH Films | Germany | 2016

The Visitor | Feature Documentary | D: Katarina Schröter | P: KS Film | Netherlands | 2014

A Tale of two islands | Videoinstallation | D: Steffen Köhn, Paola Calvo | P: dffb | Switzerland | 2012

Gleisdreieck | Short Film | D: Pepa San Martín | P: Manufactura de Peliculas | Germany, Chile | 2012

Tell me when | Documentary | D: Steffen Köhn, Paola Calvo | P: dffb | Germany | 2011

Geliebte | Short | D: Ingo J. Biermann | P: arte, dffb | Germany | 2009


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