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At the age of 11, Monika Plura was already making films. Her favorite projects to create were horror films, which she made together with her identical twin sister Martina Plura. She then went on to study film studies under Wim Wenders at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste and complete a master's degree in cinematography at the Hamburg Media School. She now successfully shoots TV and feature films. Monika Plura’s latest work, the feature “Mein Lotta Leben – Alles Tschaka mit Alpaka!,” directed by Martina Plura, is a film based on Alice Pantermüller’s bestselling children’s novels and premiered in cinemas in 2022. Monika loves genre movies. In addition to camera work, screenwriting is Monika's 2nd passion.


German | English | Spanish | French

Special Skills

16mm | 35mm | Gimbal | VFX | Diving (Padi Open Water) | Color Grading

Selected Credits

Mein Lotta Leben - Alles Tschaka mit Alpaka | feature film | D: Martina Plura | P: Lieblingsfilm & Dagstarfilm | Germany | 2021-2022

Ella Schön | TV-feature, 2x 90 min. | D: Holger Haase | P: Dreamtool Entertainment | Germany | 2019

Friesland "Aus dem Ruder" | TV-feature | D: Martina Plura | P: Warner Bros. | Germany | 2019

Too far away | feature film | D: Sarah Winkenstette | P: Weydemann Bros. | Germany | 2018-2019

Dreizehnuhrmittags | TV-feature | D: Martina Plura | P: Aspekt Telefilm | Germany | 2017

Tatort - Blood | TV-feature | 2nd Unit & B-Cam | D: Philip Koch | P: X Filme Creative Pool GmbH | Germany | 2017  

Bikers of Suburbia | Feature Film | D: Martina Plura | P: Weydemann Bros. GmbH | Germany | 2015



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