Lydia Richter

+49 176 99901477


Lydia Richter, was born 1986 in Potsdam/Germany. She is a cinematographer based in Berlin and Salzburg/Austria. Since 2011 she studies cinematography at the Berlin Film and Television School and since 2012 she works as a freelance cinematographer in Berlin and Austria. The movies she has worked on have been screened on several national and international Festivals (Max Ophüls Preis, Gioffoni Festival, Achtung Berlin Festival, Tallin Black Nights Festival). With director Joya Thome she shot her first feature film "Queen of Niendorf" which is released to the Cinemas in February 2018.


German (native) | English (fluent)

Special Skills

16mm | 35mm | Color Grading

Selected Credits

Nightfall I Short film I D: Josefine Scheffler I P: Dffb & RBB I Germany I 2018

Golden Twenties I Feature Film I DOP pick-up shots I D:Sophie Kluge I P: Amerikafilm I Germany I 2018

Queen of Niendorf | Feature Film | D: Joya Thome | P: Lupa Film & Joya Thome Filmproduktion | Germany | 2017

Egal gibt es nicht | Documentary | B-Camera | D: Florian Hoffmann | P: Tara Biere, 3sat | Germany | 2017

Salem | Short Film | D: Josefine Scheffler | P: Dffb | Germany | 2016

Peter Truschner Portrait | Commercial | D: Klara Plainer | P: Klara Plainer, ZDF | Germany | 2016

Innen.Bar.Nacht:Der Untergang der Titanic. | Short Film | D: Sophie Kluge | P: Sophie Kluge | Germany | 2015

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