Kathrin Krottenthaler



From 2002 until 2010 Kathrin Krottenthaler was a constant member of Christoph Schlingensiefs team at Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz Berlin & Filmgalerie 451. Her film work has been shown in numerous venues and international film festivals (Berlinale, Filmfestival Göteborg, Filmes de Femmes Paris etc) She was nominated twice for the Womens Director of Photography Award at IFFF Cologne with her camera work in the Max Ophüls Prize award winning movie TORPEDO by Helene Hegemann & HEROES by Carolina Hellsgård. She also works as a live cinematographer and video artist for theatre plays by René Pollesch, Frank Castorf, etc.


German | English 

Special Skills

Analog Film 16mm | Editor

Selected Credits

Chance 2000 – Farewell to Germany | Documentary | Editor & Director – together with Frieder Schlaich | P: Filmgalerie 451 | Germany | 2017

Disorientation isn't a Crime | Feature | DoP & Editor | D: Marita Neher & Tatjana Turanskyj | P: turanskyj & ahlrichs | Germany | 2016

Wanja | Feature | D: Carolina Hellsgård | P: Flickfilm | Germany | 2015

Runner | Short film | D: Carolina Hellsgård | P: Flickfilm | Germany | 2013

Heroes | Short film | D: Carolina Hellsgård | P: Hellsgård Filmproduktion | Sweden | 2012

Torpedo | Feature | D: Helene Hegemann | P: credofilm | Germany | 2008

The African Twintowers | Documentary | DoP & Editor| D: Christoph Schlingensief | P: Filmgalerie 451 | Germany | 2005–2009

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