Jutta Tränkle


+49 163 264 45 00


Born near Freiburg i.Br., Master of Arts in Münster, Cinematography at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Dortmund. From Berlin i'm working since 1999 in national and international film-productions for cinema, tv and artworks. Until now art-historical image knowledge and conceptual thinking in images is a great treasure, drawing for camera work especially in lighting design. I like storytelling scripted by light, calm observing in documentaries, precise in taking blue- greenscreen shots and explorative in VR. The moment in which an image comes into beeing remains magical for me, like the encounters with people before and behind the camera.


German (native) | English | Italian | Spanish

Special Skills

16/35mm | 4K | Editing | Color Grading | Blue- Green screen

Selected Credits

Behind the Mask | Documentary| D: Jutta Tränkle| P: Traenkle Film | Germany | 2017

Whats Beetween Us | Feature film| D: Claudia Lorenz| P: Peacock Film | Switzerland | 2015

The Experience | Short film| D: Sophie Reyer| P: Reyer Film | Germany, Austria | 2013

Objection VI |Short film| D: Rolando Colla| P: Peacock Film | Switzerland | 2012

Sonnensystem (El Sistema Solar)  | Documentary| D: Thomas Heise | P: Goethe Institut Berlin-Buenos Aires | Germany, Argentina | 2011

National Museum of Ethnology Leiden und Old City Suits |Art projects | D: Desiréé Palmen | P: Al Ma´mal Foundation for Contempory Art Jerusalem | Netherlands, Israel | 2006-2009

Room 4070  | Documentary |  D: Jana Kalms, Torsten Striegnitz | P: Credo Film, RBB | Germany | 2006

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