Julia Weingarten


+49 163 876 63 26

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Julia Weingarten lives in Berlin and realises film projects all over the world. Since having finished her studies of cinematography at the University of Film “Konrad Wolf” in 2010, Julia Weingarten is fascinated by the challenges inherent in different fields like documentaries, commercials, music videos, corporate and feature films.

In her work as a DOP she is fascinated by the opportunity to dive into different worlds, to work with people and topics of different origins and create the images that tell these stories.


German (native language) | English (good)

Special Skills

Analog Film | Gimbal | Drone | Color Grading 

Selected Credits

MBI MACET DHE VAJZAT - Of Cats and Daughters | short film | D: Elda Sorra | P: Sorras Erbe Film | Albania, Germany | 2023

Code of Fear | documentary | D: Appolain Siewe | P: EinHeitFilm Production | Cameroon, Germany | 2023

Defender of the faith | documentary | D: Christoph Röhl | P: Flare Film | Germany | 2019

Mont Blanc, Sennheiser, Mercedes, Siemens, etc. | commercials | D: diverse | P: diverse | Germany | 2015-2024

New Found Land – Mirror | music video | D: Stephan & Christoph Hartmann | P: 908video GmbH | Germany | 2013

Jetzt aber Ballett | short film | D: Isabell Šuba | P: HFF & RBB | Germany | 2011

UXO – unexploded ordnance | documentary | D: Julia Weingarten | P: HFF | Vietnam, Germany | 2010       

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