Julia Geiß


+49 176 83 43 45 50



Julia Geiß studied Visual Communication at the University of Fine Arts in Kassel in the fields of cinematography, photography and animation film, graduating with honors. She lives and works in Berlin as a freelance cinematographer, photographer and filmmaker. Her diploma film Sleeping Dads was co-produced by the German television channel NDR and was subsequently broadcasted on the Swiss Television Channel SRF1. In her work, Julia Geiß mainly focusses on social and political issues at the intersection between documentary and fictional narraitve.


German | English (fluent) 


Selected Credits

Sookee | documentary | D: Kerstin Polte  | P: Serienwerk | Germany | 2017 

San Remo | Doku-Fiction | D: Johanna Behre | P: Farfan.in | Germany, Italy | 2017

Two Seas | documentary | D: Nossa Schäfer | P: Nossa Schäfer | Spain, France | 2017 

Thoughts | experimental documentary | D: Julia Geiß | P: Julia Geiß | Germany | 2016 

Sleeping Dads | documentary | D: Julia Geiß | P: Anne Walther | NDR | Germany | 2015 

Shared Journey | documentary | D: Ola Wroblewska | P: Ola Wroblewska | Germany | 2015


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