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Jule Katinka Cramer's cinematography can be intimate without being intrusive. Through her camera, she casts an emphatic, embracing gaze: "It's a beautiful, humane and deeply felt picture." (Criterioncast on "Instructions for Survival" 2021).
In her early 20s she trained at the ZeLIG School for Documentary Film in Bolzano, Italy. After ten years of freelancing as a camera and sound person in Berlin she went to study cinematography at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne in 2014. Her graduation film "In Search..." (D: Beryl Magoko, 2018) won more than 20 awards at international film festivals.


German (native) | English (fluent) | French (basic) | Italian (basic)


Special Skills


Selected Credits

Igor Levit NO FEAR | feature documentary | D:  Regina Schilling | P: zero one film | Germany | 2022

Instructions for Survival | feature documentary| D: Yana Ugrekhelidze | P: Fortis Fem Film | Germany | 2021

Solange sie noch Arme haben | feature documentary | D: Luisa Bäde P: Bäde, KHM | Germany | 2019

In Search… | feature documentary | D: Beryl Magoko | P: Magoko, Cramer, KHM | Germany | 2018

Mitología Placentera | short documentary | D: Lara Rodríguez Cruz | P: Kinopatio, KHM | Germany | 2018

Eva Sola | short film | D: Lara Rodríguez Cruz | P: Kinopatio, KHM | Germany | 2018

Wiegenlieder | feature documentary | D: Tamara Trampe und Johann Feindt | P: zero one film | Germany | 2010

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