Judith Kaufmann BVK


+49 170 5536002

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Studies at the National College of Optics and Photography in Berlin. DoP since 1991 i.a. of ’When we leave’ by Feo Aladag (Camera Award 2010), Georg Maas’ ’Two Lives’ (selected for foreign-language Oscar 2014). In 2015 she shot the mini-series ,The Same Sky’ with director Oliver Hirschbiegel following the feature Film ‚13 Minutes’ that earned her a nomination for Best Camera at Deutscher Filmpreis 2015. In 2016 she shot ‚The Divine Order’, selected for foreign-language Oscar 2017 of Switzerland with director Petra Volpe. At present she works on a feature film by Academy Award winner Caroline Link. Honorary award of Deutscher Kamerapreis 2012. Member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.


German | English | French (basic conversation)

Selected Credits

Four minutes | feature film | D: Chris Kraus | P: Kordes & Kordes Film | Germany | 2005

When we leave | feature film | D: Feo Aladag | P: Independent Artists | Germany | 2010

If not us, who? | feature film | D: Andres Veiel | P: zero one film | Germany | 2010

Two Lives | feature film | D: Georg Maas | P: B&T Films, Zinnober Film | Norway, Germany |2012

13 minutes | feature film | D: Oliver Hirschbiegel | P: Lucky Bird Pictures | Germany | 2014

All about me| feature film | D: Caroline Link | P: Ufa Fiction | Germany | 2017

Corsage | feature film | D: MArie Krevitzer | P: Film AG Wien | Austria, Germany, Luxembourg | 2021

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