Joanna Piechotta

+49 163 603 43 14


Joanna Piechotta was born and raised in Poland. After studying at the University of Fine Arts in Poznań in Poland, she moved in 2008 to Berlin to focus on film. In 2010, she started her studies in cinematography at the Filmuniversity Babelsberg Konrad Wolf where she shot fiction and documentary films. Joanna graduated with a Diploma in Cinematography in 2015. Since then, she works as an independent cinematographer based in Berlin, working internationally both in fiction and documentary film.


Polish (native) | German (fluent) | English (fluent) | French (intermediate) | Spanish (basic)

Special Skills

Shooting experience on analogue film (16/35mm)

Selected Credits

Fortschritt im Tal der Ahnungslosen | documentary | 80 min | D: Florian Kunert | P: KHM | Germany | 2017

Adam | feature | 70 min | D: Maria Solrun | P: Jim Stark | Maria Solrun | Germany, Mexico | 2017

Trust WHO | documentary | 85 min | D: Lilian Franck | P: OVALmedia Berlin | Golden Girls  Filmproduction Vienna | Germany, Austria | 2016

Narration | short fiction | 45 min | D: Thomas Taube | P: Thomas Taube | Germany | 2016

The Deamon the flow and me | short documentary | 39 min | D: Rocco di Mento | P: Film University Babelsberg | Germany | 2015

J'ai tout donné au soleil sauf mon ombre | short fiction | 20 min | D: Valérie Anex, Christian J. Koch | P: DALVA Films, OVALmedia | Switzerland, Germany | 2015

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