Gabriela Betschart

+41 78 606 33 54

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„...the ratio of an enormous life, of current heart rattle and at the same time translation in a document.“ (Klaus Wildenhahn)
The documentary film requires a lot of technical and human skills – this combination fascinates me with regard to the camera work. I acquired my knowledge from the film schools in Lucerne, Zurich, Potsdam and Munich. I have mainly worked since 2012 on documentary films as a camerawoman. I am a member of the german film academy, the professional association of swiss filmmakers and the swiss cinematographer’s society.


Swiss German | German | English 

Selected Credits

Les Nouvelles Èves | Feature Documentary | D: Anna Thommen, Wendy Pillonel, Jela Hasler, Camille Budin, Annie Gisler, Thaïs Odermatt | P: Emilia Productions | Switzerland | 2021

Edi im Niemandsland | Tv Documentary | D: Patrizia Banzer | P: SRF | Switzerland | 2020

Waldszenen | TV Short Documentary | D: Gabriela Betschart | P: SRF | Switzerland | 2019

#Female Pleasure | Feature Documentary | D: Barbara Miller | P: Mons Veneris Film, Indie Films | Switzerland | 2018

Unknown Territory | Documentary | D: Anna Thommen | P: ZHDK & Fama Film | Switzerland | 2013

Ma na sapna – A mother's dream | Documentary | D: Valerie Gudenus | P: ZHDK | Switzerland | 2013

Girl And Boy On The Rocks| Short film | D: Maria Sigrist | P: ZHDK | Switzerland | 2012

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