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Christine Munz, born 1964 in Switzerland, studied after her apprenticeship as a photographer at Zurich University of the Arts (MA in filmmaking, camera). Since 1996 she shoots for SRF, 3 Sat, ZdF and others. She has shot independent feature films, fiction and documentary; a.o. for the directors This Lüscher, Barbara Seiler und Rahel Grunder. When asked she takes complete cinematographic responsibility. She works as an artist, creates photosculpures, videoartworks, series of prints and public art. Her artwork is conceptual. Christine Munz works in all cinematographic formats and media. She teaches cinematography at Lucerne University of Arts. In 2009 she won the VAThalberg award for best camera.


German | English | Dutch | French | Italian

Special Skills


Selected Credits

Der Neue – Paavo Järvi kommt nach Zürich | documentary | D: Barbara Seiler | P: SRF | Switzerland, Estonia, Japan | 2019

Rotkäppchen und das Seelenkrokodil | documentary | D: This Lüscher | P: Schild Productions GmbH | Switzerland | 2017

I'm a creative animal - Barbara Hannigan | documentary | D: Barbara Seiler | P: SRF | Switzerland, USA | 2014

Emilie Kempin Spyri - Europas erste Juristin | documentary | D: Rahel Grunder | P: Das Kollektiv | Switzerland | 2014

Hasslers Universum | documentary | D: This Lüscher | P: SRF | Switzerland | 2010

Hoselupf | documentary | D: This Lüscher | P: Elite Filmproduktion AG | Switzerland | 2010

Silenzio in valle | feature film | D: Mike Krishnatreya | P: Denise Tonella, Fond. Guastalla | Switzerland | 2008

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