Anne Misselwitz

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Anne Misselwitz is an award winning cinematographer of numerous documentaries and feature films for national and international productions. She studied in London at the LCC until 2001 and in Potsdam Babelsberg at HFF „Konrad Wolf“ where she graduated in 2007. For her visual work on the documentary „Der Die Das“ she was awarded with the Dortmund Prize for Women Directors of Photography at the IFFF in Dortmund / Köln.


German (mother tongue) | English (fluent) | Swedish (fluent) | Spanish (conversation) | Turkish (basic) | Russian (basic)


Special Skills

International drone license A2

Selected Credits

Angela Merkel - The Chancellor | D: Torsten Körner | P: Broadview TV | Germany | 2022

St. Pauli, 6:07 Uhr | Featurefilm | D: Félix Koch | P: Letterbox Filmproduktion GmbH | Germany | 2021

The Last Reporters | Documentary | D: Jean Boué | P: JABfilm | Germany | 2020

Großstadtrevier | TV Series | D: Felix Koch | P: Letterbox Filmproduktion GmbH | Deutschland | 2019

#Female Pleasure | Documentary | D: Barbara Miller | P: Mons Veneris Films GmbH | Switzerland | 2018

SPK Komplex | Documentary | D: Gerd Kroske | P: realistfilm GmbH | Germany | 2018

Were Dengê Min (Come to my voice) | Cinema Feature | D: Hüseyin Karabey | P: ASI Film, Neue Mediopolis, EY Films | Turkey, Germany, France | 2014



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