Aleksandra Medianikova BVK

+49 157 52 43 53 55


Aleksandra studied "Cinematography "at the Film University Konrad Wolf (Bachelor and Master studies). Her graduation film "Rå" won German Short Film Award LOLA, Studio Hamburg Young Talent Award and was nominated for the Michael Ballhaus Award at FIRST STEPS. With the long documentary film "BEYOUND THE WHITE" Aleksandra was nominated for the German Cinematography Award. Aleksandra works as well for television ( BBC "FROZEN PLANET II /UK, ZDF "SOKO Köln"/Germany) as for cinema worldwide ( "MILCHZÄHNE" Wyedemann Bros /Sweden -Switzerland - Germany Co-Production, "MEIN VOGEL" Kurhaus Production / Germany ).


Russisan | German | English

Special Skills

analog Film | Color Grading | expedition | nature environments

Selected Credits

Milchzähne | feature film | D: Sophia Bösch | P: Wyedemann Bros | Sweden, Switzerland, Germany | 2024

Mein Vogel | feature film | D: Christian Werner | P: Kurhaus Production | Germany | 2021

Beyond the White | documentary | D: Evgeny Kalachikhin | P: Nina Bärmann | Germany | 2022

SOKO Köln | TV series, 7 episodes | D: Christian Werner | P: ZDF, Network Movie | Germany | 2021-2022

|short film | D: Sophia Bösch | P: Film Västernorrland, Filmuniversity Babelsberg Konrad Wolf | Sweden, Germany | 2018

Frozen Planet II |  documentary series | D: Usha Amin | P: BBC | England | 2019-2021



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