Agnesh Pakozdi

+49 15128083479


The former economist studied film- and videoart in Budapest and at the UdK Berlin, later on cinematography at the DFFB. In 2015 she received a grant for an Expanded Cinematorgaphy Masterclass at the Global Cinematography Institute in LA. In the past decade she worked on three feature length films, more than twenty shorts, numerous documentaries and art projects as a director of photography in Germany, Georgia, Russia, USA, Egypt and in Hungary. Best Cinematography Award at the 62. Seminci Filmfestival in 2017. She is based in Berlin, but follows the good stories anywhere.


Hungarian (native) | English (fluent) | German (fluent) | Russian (basic) | French (basic)

Special Skills

color grading

Selected Credits

I am truly a drop of sun on earth | Feature Film | D: Elene Naveriani | P: Alvafilm, Mishkin | Switzerland, Georgia | 2017

The Melancholic Girl | Feature Film | D: Susanne Heinrich | P: dffb, Susanne Heinrich | Germany | 2018

True Colors | Webseries Part 1, 3 | R: Jasmin Alakari | D: dffb, Funk | Germany | 2018

Pigeon battles of Cairo | Documentary | D: Bence Mate | P: witness | Egypt | 2017

Behind the Bears Eyes | Short Film | D: Oates Wu | P: Calarts, Panavision| USA | 2017

Safe Space | Short Film | D: Zora Rux | P: dffb | Germany | 2017



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