Zara Zandieh

+49 176 63066029

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Zara Zandieh works as an independent cinematographer and filmmaker, teaches filmmaking & gives workshops. She is currently finishing her Master Studies at Art & Media, UdK (University of Arts Berlin). She studied four years cinematography at the Berlin based filmschool filmArche and accomplished it with a Master Class. Her film 'Khoshbakhti' (Happiness) was officially selected for the German Competition Short Documentary and Animated Film of DokLeipzig 2015 and was in the official competition for the New Berlin Film Award of achtung berlin, 2016. Films where she has worked as a cinematographer have been shown on various festivals world wide, such as !F Istanbul & Dokumenta Athen 2017.


English | Farsi | German

Special Skills

analog film | green screen

Selected Credits

Pirateboys | Short Film | D: Pol Merchan | P: Pol Merchan | Germany | 2017

Sindra | Animation | D: Han Van Acoleyen | P: filmArche & Han Van Acoleyen | Germany, Israel | 2016 

#direnayol | Feature Documentary | D: Rüzgâr Buşki | P: kanka productions | Germany, Turkey | 2016

Notes On- The Trilogy Of The Interspatiality Of Love | Short Film | D: Davide Crivelli | P: filmArche Berlin | Germany | 2015

Khoshbakhti | Short Film | D: Zara Zandieh | P: filmArche & Zandieh | Germany | 2015

Was sagst Du dazu? | Commercial | D: Joey Steffens | P: Lesbenberatung Berlin e.V. | Germany | 2014      


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