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I studied cinematography at HFF Munich and in addition did a very hands-on year of studies at EL CCC (Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica) in Mexico City. There, I had the opportunity to shoot several short films on 16mm and 35mm and went through some intensive operating training including handheld, gearhead, dolly and crane. While I very much enjoy the technical aspects of cinematography my true passion lies in the close collaboration with the directors, getting deep into the themes of the project and together developing the right visual language for the film.


German (fluent) | English (fluent) | Spanish (fluent) | Dutch (fluent) | French (basic) | Italian (basic)

Special Skills

gearhead | 16mm | 35mm | color grading

Selected Credits

Real Life | music video | D: Sophia Kuhn | P: Emiranda | Netherlands | 2019

Ombligo de agua | short film | D: Laura Baumeister | P: Tanacatana | Nicaragua | 2018

Wald | feature film | D: Sarah Ben Hardouze | P: HFF Munich | Germany | 2017

Rutas de escape | music video | D: Laura Baumeister | P: Difuso | Nicaragua | 2016

Isabel im Winter | short film | D: Laura Baumeister | P: HFF Munich | Germany | 2014

Lagunas | short film | D: Laura Baumeister | P: EL CCC | Mexico | 2012

Heldenschwestern | feature documentary | D: Karin Becker | P: HFF Munich | Germany | 2009


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