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Katinka Zeuner, born 1978 in Berlin, is a cinematographer and documentary film director. After completing her political science degree, she began training as a filmmaker in Valencia and then completed a cinematographer degree at filmArche Berlin. She loves using the camera to introduce the unfamiliar to her audience and to open new, often unexpected perspectives on society and on life. Her films are screened internationally at festivals. “Jalda and Anna” won the William Dieterle Special Award. "Breathing Life Into Stone" premiered in the German Competition at DOK Leipzig 2018 and won the Ver.di Prize. Katinka gathered additional shooting experience in Israel, Spain, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Poland.


English (fluent) | Spanish (fluent) | Italian (basic) | French (basic)

Selected Credits

All My Neighbours | experimental documentary | D: Bettina Hohorst | P: Bettina Hohorst | Germany | 2019

Breathing Life Into Stone | feature documentary | D: Katinka Zeuner | P: Katinka Zeuner | Germany | 2018

Freedom Last But One | feature documentary | D: Stefan Auch | P: Stefan Auch, Anna Bürgermeisterová | Germany, Czech Republic | 2018

Eldorado | short documentary | D: Agnès Yougang | P: Susanne Dzeik, Aline Bonvin | Germany | 2017

Sounds Queer | feature documentary | D: Dan Bahl | P: Bikepunk Productions | Germany | 2013

Jalda And Anna - First Generation After | feature documentary | D: Katinka Zeuner, Ben Laser | P: Katinka Zeuner | Germany | 2012

It Was A Different Life | feature documentary | D: Hans Jan Puchstein, Katinka Zeuner | P: Hans Jan Puchstein | Germany, Israel | 2009


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