Julia Lohmann


+49 163 7836625


Julia Lohmann is working as a cinematographer based in Hamburg. She received her diploma at the Hamburg Media School in 2008. 2009 she participated at the Berlinale Talent Campus. In 2010 she was shooting her first feature film called THE OLD WORLD IS TURNED OFF. A couple of music videos, short films and social spots are following. In 2015 THE CROWN OF ARKUS has its release - a historic - fantasy feature film for kids. Some feature documentaries are following as MEKKA 1979 (additional) and HALF OF MY LIFE (in progress). Besides her work as a DOP, Julia is also working as a B-Camerawoman and as a Camera Operator. Abroad she was working in the USA, FRA, GBR, JOR, NOR, ISL and KOR.


German | English


Special Skills

35mm | 16mm

Selected Credits

Half a Life (WT) | Feature Documentary | D: Katharina Uhland | P: Corso Movie- and TV production, Katharina Uhland and Claritta Kratochwil | Germany | 2017 - 2020

The Crown of Arkus | Feature Film | D: Franziska Pohlmann | P: Pohlmann Creatives | Germany | 2015

Sleep | Feature Film | B Camera | DOP: Marius von Felbert | D: Michael Venus | P: Junafilm | Germany | 2020

Anhedonia | Feature Film | D: Patrick Siegfried Zimmer | P: Interzone Pictures | Germany | 2015 (in cooperation with Marius von Felbert)

The Siege of Mecca | Feature Documentary | B Camera | DOP: Henrik Sauer | D: Dirk van den Berg | P: OutreMer Film, K2 Productions | Germany, France | 2016 - 2018

The wind that eats people | Short Film | D: Marf Mabo | P: Marf Mabo Productions | Germany | 2019

Attention! The Shorts are Comin | Movie Spot | D: Timm Christian Schindel | P: Granarte Film | Germany | 2016


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