Julia Lohmann


+49 163 7836625


Cinematographer’s diploma at the Hamburg Media School 2008, afterwards Berlinale Talents and 2010 the 1st feature film THE OLD WORLD IS TURNED OFF. Various music videos, short films, social spots and image films are following. In 2013/14 I am shooting THE CROWN OF ARKUS - a historical fairy tale for the cinema - followed by documentary productions such as MEKKA 1979 (additional cam) and A HALF LIFE for which I am shooting abroad in countries like the US, FR, UK, JOR and NO. I love the scenic work to create spaces, but also the importance of reacting in the situation during documentary shooting.


German | English

Selected Credits

Half a Life (Wt) | Documentary  | D: Katharina Uhland | P: Katharina Uhland, Claritta Kratochwil, Corso Movie- and TV production | Germany | 2018

The Crown of Arkus | Feature Film | D: Franziska Pohlmann | P: Pohlmann Creatives | Germany | 2015

Kuoko: Birds on the fire escape | music video | D: Marius von Felbert, Julia Lohmann | P: curtisfilm  | Germany | 2016

Attention! The Shorts are Comin | Movie Spot | D: Timm Christian Schindel | P: Granarte Film | Germany | 2016

Anhedonia | Feature Film | D: Patrick Siegfried Zimmer | P: Interzone Pictures | Germany | 2015 (in cooperation with Marius von Felbert)

Inspired by Seoul | Imagefilm | D: Till Uhrig | P: G + J Corporate Editors | Germany | 2014

The old World is turned off | Feature Film | D: Helena Ratka | P: HFBK Hamburg | Germany | 2011

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