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Born in Munich, Berlin residential; I'm educated in arts and music and also in posession of creativity and a fast working brain; I shot a lot abroad all over the world, have a lot of technical know-how like HDR, blue/greenscreen, action (body, water, fire, car, explosions etc), and I can handle big sets and logistics.


German (native) | English (fluent) | Arabic (basic), French (basic)


Special Skills

VFX | green screen | HDR | big and multilingual sets | analogue film | action

Selected Credits

Charlotte Link - The decision | TV feature | D:Sven Fehrensen | P: UFA Fiction | France, Bulgaria | 2019

My table in the Provence | 2x 90 min TV features | D: Dagmar Seume | P: Polyphon | France | 2019

The boys: striptease is not easy | TV feature | D: Florian Gärtner | P: Producers at work | Germany | 2018

Family Affairs | TV feature | D: Martin Kinkel | P: UFA Fiction | Germany | 2017

Soko Hamburg | TV series (3 episodes) | D: Sven Fehrensen | P: Network Movie | Germany | 2017

Wasp's Nest | TV feature | D: Martin Kinkel | P: UFA Fiction | Germany | 2017

Soko Leipzig | TV series (40 episodes) | D: Andreas Morell | P: UFA Fiction | Germany | 2013-17




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