Constanze Schmitt

+49 176 22148812


Constanze Schmitt was born in Lichtenfels Germany. In 2011 she began to study cinematography at German Film and Television Academy Berlin. Her short film "Absent" (director: Eliza Petkova) had its premiere in Cinefondation at Cannes Film Festival. There she met the director Qiu Yang with whom she shot the short film "A Gentle Night" two years later. This film won the Golden Palm for the Best Short Film at Cannes Film Festival in 2017. Her first feature film "Zhaleika" had its premiere at 66th Berlin Film Festival.


German | English


Selected Credits

Mountain Men | Documentary | D: Eliza Petkova | P: DFFB | Germany, Bulgaria | 2018

No One | Feature Film | D: A Nian | P: Zhejiang Mangunaian Pictures | China | 2017

A Gentle Night | Short Film | D: Qiu Yang | P: Wild Grass Films | China | 2017

Zhaleika | Feature Film| D: Eliza Petkova | P: DFFB | Germany, Bulgaria | 2016

Umbilical Chord | Short Film |D: Eliza Petkova | P: DFFB | Germany | 2015

Abwesend | Short Film | D: Eliza Petkova | P: DFFB | Germany | 2014

Rummel | Short Film | D: Benjamin Teske | P: Beuth Hochschule Berlin | Germany | 2009


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