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+49 179 441 05 06


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Fee Scherer came to camera work via photography. She has been working as a cinematographer since 2010. She has shot a series of improvisation films, directed by Philipp Eichholtz, in Berlin Mumblecore style. One of them, "Rückenwind von vorn", was shown as the opening film at the 68th Berlinale in the Perspektive Deutsches Kino section. After finishing her camera studies degree, she was part of the UFA Labs and realised several web series and transmedia projects there. In recent years she has mainly shot TV films, most recently the Herzkino TV series "Malibu", directed by Luise Brinkmann. Fee Scherer works mainly with moving camera (handheld and gimbal) and specialises in underwater camera work.


German (native) | English (fluent)  | French (good)


Special Skills

Underwater Camera | Gimbal |  Drone 

Selected Credits

Nächste Ausfahrt Glück | TV movie | D: Luise Brinkmann | P: Producers at Work | Germany | 2024

Malibu - Camping für Anfänger | TV movie | D: Luise Brinkmann | P: Network Movie | Germany | 2022, 2024

Schloss Einstein und die Pfefferkörner auf Gängsterjagd | TV movie | D: Markus Dietrich | P: Saxonia Media | Germany | 2022

Zitterinchen | TV movie | D: Luise Brinkmann | P: Mideu Film | Germany | 2021

Rückenwind von vorne | feature| D: Philipp Eichholtz | P: Oma gefördert | Germany, Czech Republic | 2017

Lieb mich! | feature | D: Philipp Eichholtz | P: von Oma gefördert | Germany | 2013

Wenn Du dich traust | documentary series | D: Alkmini Boura | P: UFA Serial Drama GmbH | Germany | 2011



Caroline Spreitzenbart


+43 677 63059778


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In her current works, Caroline focuses on hybrid film forms and political subjects. She works on both fiction and documentary films. As a graduate of the University of Television and Film Munich, she was honored with the Michael Ballhaus Prize in 2023 and the Best Cinematography Award in 2024 at the IFFF Cologne+Dortmund. The core of her work is a consistent, integrated approach to cinematography, which evolves collaboratively in line with the content. Additionally, her films have received awards, including the Carte-Blanche Emerging Talent Award at the Duisburg Film Week in 2017, the Best Short Documentary at the Diagonale in 2017 and 2018, and the ARRI Production Award in 2021. Moreover she was given a DAAD scholarship in 2018 to study at the CCC in Mexico City. She is a member of the German Film Academy (DFA).


German (native) | English (fluent)  | Spanish (fluent)


Special Skills

Analog Film | Color Grading

Selected Credits

Eleven Tomorrows: Berlinale Meets Football | episode feature documentary | D: a.o. Justina Jürgensen | P: Benedetta Films, HFF Munich, Berlinale | Germany | 2024

Storm & Stress | short film | D: Wouter Wirth | P: Schmidbauer Film, HFF Munich | Germany | 2024

Life is not a competition, but I'm winning | feature documentary | D: Julia Fuhr Mann | P: Schuldenberg Films, HFF Munich | Germany | 2023

Anyone can say I, but who says we? | short documentary | D: Katharina Rabl | P: taro films, HFF Munich | Germany | 2022

I teach my kids love | short documentary | D: Denise Riedmayr | P: HFF Munich | Germany | 2020

Ars Moriendi – or the art of living |short documentary | D: Kristina Schranz | P: HFF Munich | Germany | 2018

Spielfeld | short documentary | D: Kristina Schranz | P: HFF Munich | Germany | 2017


Lisa Jilg


+49 15757 334393


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Lisa Jilg was born in Munich and dedicated herself to analog photography and started to shoot and develop her own photo series. In September 2018, she began studying cinematography at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg and graduated in 2024 with the feature film VENA. The photographic eye and the art of bringing stories to life through a single image and atmosphere still influence her work today. Her last short film "Dignity Keeper" was nominated for the German Short Film Award. In 2023, she accompanied four police officers-to-be at the Berlin Police Academy on their way into professional life as part of the ZDF Kleines Fernsehspiel. The feature film VENA will be released in fall of 2024.


German (native) | English (fluent)  


Special Skills

Analog Film 

Selected Credits

Vena | feature | D: Chiara Fleischhacker | P: Neue Boskop | Germany | 2023/24

Tell me what you want | short | D:  Lea Thurner | P: Filmacademy Baden-Württemberg | Germany | 2023

Feminine Borderlines | short | D: Kea Wagner | P: Filmacademy Baden-Württemberg | Germany | 2023

Polizeiakademie | documentary | R: Moritz Schultz | P: ZDF Kleines Fernsehspiel, Kojoten Film | Germany | 2022/23

Titanninen | teaser (series) | D: Jannik Weiße | P: Filmacademy Baden-Württemberg | Germany | 2023

In Between - William Fan | documentary | D: Kim Heß | P: Filmacademy Baden-Württemberg | Germany | 2022

Würdenbewahrerin | short | D: Sandro Rados | P: SWR/ARTE | Deutschland | 2021




Thea Adlung


+43 699 17169219


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Thea Adlung was born in 1981 in Stralsund, Germany and lives in Vienna, Austria. She has been working in the film industry since 2000 and started out in editing and as a camera assistant. At Moviecam / ARRI rental she was employed as disponent and also worked at the ARRI development department in Vienna. For further education she participated in multiple workshops and master classes. After many years as a camera assistant for feature films, TV productions and commercials, she worked as a camera operator and 2nd Unit DOP for several years. Since 2022 she has been the DOP of several TV productions and focuses on working in scenic projects.


German (native) | English (fluent)  


Special Skills

Analog Film | Drone 

Selected Credits

Wiener Blut - Berggericht | TV feature | D: Katharina Heigl | P: Satel Film | Austria | 2023

Soko Wien | TV series | D: Katharina Heigl | P: Satel Film |Austria | 2022

Griechenland oder der laufende Huhn | feature |2nd Unit, B-Kam | D: Claudia Jüptner | E&A Film |Austria | 2022

Universum History-Leopoldina v. Habsburg |Documentary | D: Katharina Heigl | P: Satel Fillm |Austria | 2022

Soko Wien | TV-Series | A-Cam Operator | D: Holger Barthel, Olaf Kreinsen, Sofie Allet-Cochet | P: Satel Film |Austria | 2021-2020

Soko Wien | TV Series | B-Cam Operator | D: Holger Barthel, Olaf Kreinsen, Sofie Allet-Cochet | P: Satel Film |Austria | 2019-2016




Judith Stehlik


+43 6641224644 


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Judith Stehlik was born in Vienna. After studying photography, she worked as a camera assistant on international film and television productions. Has been working as a DoP since 2008. Collaboration with artists from the performance and dance scene.


German (native) | English (fluent)  


Special Skills

Super 8 

Selected Credits

The Regime | tv-series | add. camera | D: Jessica Hobbs, Stephen Frears | P: Werner Bros. Discovery | Austria | 2023

The Recruit |tv-series | add. camera| D: Doug Liman | P: eOne - Entertainment One | Austria | 2022

Durst | performative opera | D: Samaraweerova | P: TQW2022| Austria | 2022

Servus Karl|Kurzfilm | D: Thomas Bischof | P: Thomas Bischof Produktion| Austria | 2021

Vorstadtweiber | tv-series | D: div. | P: MR-Film | Austria | 2015 - 2018



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