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Born in 1968 in Leoben, Austria, Astrid Heubrandtner, after graduation from the College of Photography, studied cinematography at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. Since 1998 she works as freelance cinematographer mainly on feature films and documentaries but also, with artists, on experimental/avantgarde-films and presentations for exhibitions. She teaches at film schools, most notably as a Guest Professor for Cinematography at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna (2010/2011). She has worked in many countries including France, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Turkey, USA, Syria and Egypt.


German | English | French | Dutch

Special Skills

16mm | 35mm

Selected Credits

Last Dialogue (AT) | Feature Documentary | D: Fabian Eder | Film Manufaktur | Österreich | 2020

Kinder unter Deck | Feature Documentary | D: Bettina Henkel | Freibeuterfilm | Österreich | 2018

Home Is Here | Feature Film | D: Tereza Kotyk | P: kgp Gabriele Kranzelbinder Produktion | Austria | 2016

Invisible Women | Art Film | D: Sanja Ivekovic | P: Kontakt. The Art Collection of Erste Group and ERSTE Foundation | Austria | 2016

Call me a Jew | Feature Documentary | D: Michael Pfeifenberger | P: Garagenfilm | Austria | 2012

Qualtinger | TV Documentary | D: André Heller | P: DOR Film | Austria | 2011

One Out Of 8 | Feature Documentary | D: Sabine Derflinger | P: Gegenfilm | Austria | 2008


Deniz Lindenberg

Deniz Lindenberg AAC

+43 650 6265304

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During her studies in Vienna (09-13) Deniz Lindenberg worked as Focus Puller, Dolly Operator and lightning technician at several projects. Since 2014 she is a member of AAC and works as DOP for commercial and narrative projects. The documentary “What the wind took away”, shot in 2015 in eastern Turkey won the Austrian Documentary Award. Besides documentaries, she has a passion for horror and science-fiction genre movies. Whenever the project size allows it, she works together with Florian Lindenberg, herself focusing on the visual dramatics.


German | English | French | Italian (basics)

Special Skills

Color Grading

Selected Credits

What the Wind took away | Documentary | D: Martin Klingenböck, Helin Celik | P: Klingenböck Filmproduktion | Austria, Turkey | 2017

Vossen Image Video Campaign  | Commercial | D: Steffen Bergmeister | P: Mountainmaster | Austria, Spain | 2017

Drawig - singing chappel Hermann | Music Video | D: Simon Scharinger | P: weitblickfilm | Austria | 2017

Monster - Erwin & Edwin | Music Video | D: Christian Fscher | P: weitblickfilm | Austria | 2016

Doldrums | Short Film | D: Michèl Komzak | P: Gerd A. Holler | Austria | 2013

Firmament | Short Film | D: Katharina Ladstätter | P: Weitblickfilm | Austria | 2013

Indigo Deying | Shotz Documentary | D: Deniz Blazeg | P: Weitblickfilm | Austria | 2016


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