Anna Intemann

+49 176 70 07 44 76

Crew United

Anna Intemann has worked on many film productions in Germany and worldwide, she is cinematographer mostly for documentary films, but also for image film, commercials and fiction. She graduated from film school HFF Potsdam-Babelsberg in 2012 and lives in Berlin. Meeting people through and with her camera is the passion that makes her profession so valuable for Anna. She is looking forward to strong content and visually based relations with directors for new projects.


German | English | Swedish

Selected Credits

Beches Brew in India | Documentary, Musicfilm| D: Jöns Jönsson | P: Country and Eastern | Sweden | 2018

With a strong voice | Documentary | Dir & Prod: S. Trambow, C. Schlemmer | Germany | 2017

125 years hering | Corporate Documentary | D: Jan Wagner | P: Jost Hering Films | Germany | 2017

Kisses | Documentary | D: Maja Classen | P: Maja Classen, Michael Kotschi | Germany | 2017

Parallel Lines | Documentary| D: Gittan Jönsson | P: Konstnärsnämnden, Gittan Jönsson | Sweden | 2017

Homöopathie erlebt | Corporate Documentary| D: Maja Classen | P: HOG | Germany | 2014

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